Minnie Dlamini Shares Cute Photos Of Netha Makhosini Jones

Mzansi star Minnie Dlamini shared rare cute photos of her son Netha Makhosini Jones, and fans could not stop gushing over them.

Personally, one thing we cannot criticize is photos of a celebrity baby. LoL. There’s something about a cute celeb baby that we don’t get to see all the time. It also makes our faves seem more human.

The talented Minnie Dlamini is one of the hardest-working women in the country. She also doubles as a mother, and she seems to be doing pretty well at it. So well that her son is already dragging his own suitcase. Well, you should see for yourself.

Fans don’t see close-up photos of Dlamini’s son Netha Makhosini Jones all the time. However, the pretty mama decided to post a few. She posted the cute little boy trying to drag his own suitcase. She captioned it, “It’s never too early right?” Fans could not stop gushing about the pics.


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