Minnie Dlamini Trends After Old Tweet Showing Her Crush On Thierry Henry Surfaces Online

South African media personality and actress Minnie Dlamini is in the news again. This time it has nothing to do with her renovating her parents’ home but the post she made barely a month after marrying her now estranged husband, Quinton Jones.

A Twitter user had unearthed a post she made a month after marrying Quinton. In that tweet, Minnie Dlamini indicated that she had a crush on the celebrated footballer but that it is heartbreaking that she is no longer single.

The tweet, which went viral almost instantly, divided South Africans. Some thought that it showed that her devotion to her husband was not strong and that she was eyeing other guys even while married to Quinton. Some even went as far as calling her a lady for the streets.

Some tweeps rose in her defence though. One fan even countered that one can be married and still have crushes on other people, You can check out the post below.

Minnie Dlamini’s marriage ended over alleged infidelity on her part. She allegedly had an affair with a businessman called Edwin Sodi. She denied the allegations, though. For his part, Quinton has been silent about the whole drama after issuing the joint divorce statement with Minnie.

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