Minnie Dlamini’s Hot Pic Sparks Surgery Speculations

A hot picture posted by Mzansi actress Minnie Dlamini has sparked speculations that she might have had surgery.

Mzansi star Minnie Dlamini is always in the news for various reasons. This time, fans believe the star might have gone under the knife but there’s really no way to confirm this.

It all began when entertainment blogger Musa Khawula shared a photo of Dlamini and wrote that she was showing off her body. Minnie was seen wearing an animal print two piece swimsuit at the beach. However, Mzansi did not focus on the picture but were drawn to her body.

Some speculated that she must have gotten a tummy tuck. While many celebs are open about their surgery procedures, some rather keep calm about it and let the fans wonder. Minnie has not said anything about having surgery to look better, but Mzansi thinks she did.

@senamieyngubeni reacted to the picture, “Tummy tucks have a scar that goes all the way to your back . It’s very hard to miss.”

@like_confettii replied, “A manufactured mid-section that God knows nothing about will always show…it’s all in the belly button.”

@djibouti_ms also replied, “Her belly button is too long evidence of a tummy tuck.”

Minnie Dlamini’s Hot Pic Sparks Surgery Speculations 2

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