Miss Pru DJ Dragged For Celebrating Mac G

South African disc jockey Miss Pru DJ got more than she expected when she congratulated fellow DJ Mac G on his securing an endorsement with Studio 88, a notable lifestyle stre in South Africa.

Following this milestone for the notable podcaster, the Ambitiouz Entertainment artiste had taken to Twitter to let Mac G know that she is pleased with his recent achievement.

Unimpressed by her tweet, a fan had noted that her attitude is the reason she is being scammed by Ambitiouz Entertainment, one of the most controversial record labels in South Africa.

Miss Pru DJ hit back, wondering why a clapback referencing Ambitiouz Entertainment was all the fan could come up with.

Her response provoked other Twitter denizens into throwing jabs at her. One fan noted she is still with Ambitiouz Entertainment because she gets R10k a month. Another stated her being with the record label is one reason she hasn’t released a hit since 2015.   The tweets have since been deleted.

Well, what do you think of Miss Pru DJ’s tweet complementing Mac g and the dragging it provoked on Twitter? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go!

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