Miss Pru DJ Talks Switching From Hip Hop To Amapiano

Amapiano is the in-thing in South Africa right now, snatching musicians from other genres and bringing them into the piano fold. One of those snagged by piano music so far is Miss Pru DJ.

The songstress was formerly a hip hop artist. And then, out of the blue, she switched to amapiano music. What could have inspired the switch, and what is the situation on the ground at the moment?

These questions and more formed part of her recent interview appearance on Podcast and Chill With MacG.

The songstress started with house music but switched to hip hop following her signing to Ambitiouz Entertainment. However, following her exit from the controversial record label, she had delved into amapiano music, where she still is. She explained that she was merely returning to where she started and what she had always loved doing. Moreover, she doesn’t like being boxed into a corner but enjoys exploring.

She describes herself as versatile and confident in what she does — never playing two genres in one set. You can check out the detailed interview below.

In switching to piano music, she joins several other South African musicians, including DJ Maphorisa, who switched from gqom to piano.

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