Miss Pru Shares Tale Of Her Ex-boyfriend’s Shadiness

Mzansi hitmaker Miss Pru has shared the tale of her ex-boyfriend’s shadiness after he lied about leaving the country, only to go hang with his friends.

The dating scene is crazy for everyone. While some have it easy, others find it challenging to be with anyone because people are shady. Miss Pru DJ has been through it, and she’s finally telling the tale.

The “uHulumeni” star recently opened up about her ex-boyfriend’s shadiness. Brace yourself because it’s both hilarious and sad. The former Ambitiouz Entertainment signee took to Twitter to share that she once dated a man who was a “serial liar and a tech nerd.”

She revealed that he had told her he had traveled to California on a business trip, but she felt something was off. He even called her with an international number. She drove to ekasi and saw him at his usual spot, hanging with his friends. Ouch! Read the full thread below.

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