Miss South Africa Shows Off Her New Assets: A New Apartment And Ride

The newly crowned Miss South Africa, Sasha Lee Olivier, shows off her lovely apartment and car.

Sasha Lee Olivier, the newly crowned beauty queen, has finally gotten the keys to her new apartment for the duration of her reign as Miss South Africa. The beautiful queen who took over the Miss South Africa by Zozibini Tunzi (which is now the Miss Universe) was given a fabulous apartment in Sandton.

The apartment is a fully-furnished modern home that has an infinity pool and outdoor space. The lovely designs were made by Mia Bella interiors.

Sasha Lee Olivier is obviously excited as she couldn’t help but show off her new apartment by giving us a tour around.

Watch the video below:

Miss South Africa was also presented with the keys to a brand new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe.

We are not certain if these were the same assets presented to Zozibini Tunzi in August 2019, when she was crowned Miss South Africa.

Sasha Lee Olivier is showing that she is fit for the crown as she has been making several appearances.

Miss South Africa recently visited Jacaranda FM studious. There, she revealed how she was able to survive rape and sexual abuse.

Sasha will focus on Beauty With A Purpose and #itsnotyourfault, a campaign that is very dear to her. This will be combined with her official duties. #itsnotyourfault seeks to assist victims of sexual abuse in various ways.

Sasha Lee Olivier told the station:

Taking over the Miss South Africa title means that I am able to continue working to help women who, like me, have been sexually abused. It will be a top priority for me during my time as Miss South Africa.

We say congratulations to Sasha Lee Olivier, the newly crowned queen, and we wish her success in all her endeavours!

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