Miss World Finale To Hold In March 2022

After an initial deferment, organizers of the Miss World beauty pageant have organized a new date for the pageant finale and crowning of a winner.

Originally scheduled for December 17, the pageant was postponed as a result of the coronavirus and fears for the safety of contestants and organizers.

With the coast somewhat clear, the organizers have given a new date for the event. The event will now old on March 16, 2022, in Puerto Rico.

Shudufhadzo Musida, who was representing South Africa at the pageant, had to return home as a result of the deferment. She noted that the pageant was deferred for a good reason because health comes before anything else.

She also noted that while she and other beauties were in Puerto Rico, they were treated “beautifully.”

Julia Morley, the president of Miss world Organization, shared similar sentiments regarding Puerto Rico. She noted that Puerto Ricans have been of great support, and she’s thrilled about it all.

More than that, she and her team will be out to show the world all the tourism opportunities available in Puerto Rico. With a new date fixed for the final and crowning of a new Miss World, expectations are pretty high. But who will win?

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