Missy Elliott Says Lizzo Will Be ‘Deemed Legendary’

icon Missy Elliott believes that singer Lizzo is classic and will be deemed legendary.

Once you’ve gotten a co-sign from Missy Elliott, you’re on a joyride to heaven. The “Work It” star is a massive fan of Lizzo, and she is telling it to the world. Missy wrote about the “Good As Hell” singer for Entertainment Weekly’s 2022 “Entertainers Of The Year” list.

She praised the pop star, calling her “classic,” and predicted she would be “deemed legendary.” In the essay, she recalled meeting Lizzo for the first time in the studio and being reminded of her young self in the music industry.

She wrote, “Instantly, I knew she was amazing. She walked in, heard the music, and just went right into the booth and started rhyming and singing — she was just wilding… That was so like me when I first got into the music business. I actually told her, ‘You remind me so much of myself.’ I immediately connected with her.”

She praised the singer’s latest album, “Special,” saying that it makes you learn to love yourself more. “You put it on, and you’re going to learn self-love, you’re going to love your friends, and you’re going to feel like a bad b—h,” she said.

Predicting Lizzo’s future, Missy said, “I believe that Lizzo is classic, and she’s going to be deemed legendary. She’s one of those artists that will always work. She’s going to sell out every single time. Anything that Lizzo wants to do, I believe she’ll be great at doing it.”

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