Mixed Reactions As August Alsina Seemingly Comes Out As Gay

He may have kept quiet about his sexuality for a while, but August Alsina has finally dropped the bombshell. He’s gay—or so some of his fans have deduced following his actions on the season finale of VH1’s The Surreal Life.

The singer had seemingly introduced a male lover on the set, and they affirmed their love right there, leaving fans guessing and some screaming approval. It is, after all, a miracle for a “No Love” chanter to finally confess love.

For those who are wondering why he came out as gay, the singer has his reasons after love showed up in a new way for him.”I want to share that and honor the person that I love and who loves me back and is teaching me so much about love and healing. I want to do it in front of the world because it defies the notions of what love is supposed to be.

On his new journey, he is already receiving the support of the LGBTQ community. Still, some feel he was deliberately ambiguous in the video and did not necessarily come out as gay. And yet others feel that it’s just okay that he introduced a black as his lover.

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