Mixed Reactions As Duduzile Zuma Is Compared To Winnie Mandela

There is never a shortage of opinions when it comes to famous figures. Good or ill, people will always say something. It’s left to those being spoken about to determine how they react.

Well, the centre of focus at the moment is none other than Duduzile Zuma, one of the children of former president Jacob Zuma.

She found herself in the spotlight again after an X user with the name Lesedi likened her to Winnie Mandela, pointing out that she is fighting for the black child, having learned from the former anti-apartheid activist Winnie Mandela.

The reactions to the post have been pretty mixed, with some tweeps laughing at the comparison and some simply pointing out that Duduzile doesn’t come close to the late Winnie.

Winnie was married to Nelson Mandela but they divorced along the line over issues that we would not swell on here. Still, she has earned her spot among the people who fought for the emancipation of the black race in South Africa.

For her part, Duduzile is politically active and doesn’t hold back from sharing her views on the political landscape in South Africa. It is inevitable that some people should rate her highly enough to put her on the same pedestal as Winnie

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