Mixed Reactions As Kefilwe Mabote Takes Her Lamborghini For A Spin

A Lamborghini is a key sign of prestige and many people would go to any length to acquire one – just to be associated with the brand. Of course. not everyone who dreams of owning a Lambo eventually owns one. But that’s by the way.

South African actress Kefilwe Mabote is one of the few in the Rainbow Nation who owns this plush ride. Well, she snagged attention with the pricey whip again recently when she took it out for a spin.

In a clip shared by MDN News, she could be seen rolling through town in her Lambo. She looked quite pleased with herself, as you can see from the video below.

While some South Africans were impressed with her ride and praised her for possessing the vehicle, some were not quite impressed with her. Some of the tweeps from this second category wondered in the comment section what she does for a living to be able to afford such an expensive machine.

Well, the socialite wasn’t in the comment to respond to those asking questions. And even if she should see what they are saying about what she does for a living, chances are she wouldn’t respond.

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