Mixed Reactions As Linda Sibiya Joins “Uzalo” Cast

At the rate media personalities are streaming into the world of acting, one can only hope there is no great exodus that will see the world of presenting struggling to survive. LOL.

Anyway, the news making the rounds right now is that Linda Sibiya, a former host at Ukhozi FM, has just bagged a role in “Uzalo,” one of the most popular soapies in South Africa right now.

But what do his compatriots think of him getting the role in the soapie? Well, the reactions so far have been mixed. While some people appear cool with him taking upon the “Uzalo,” some are not so impressed, thinking he would not live up to expectations.

Yet some think there are those more suited for the role Linda was offered. Amid the mix of opinions, one man who isn’t complaining is Linda himself. Why would he? He wanted the gig and he got it.

The only thing right now is that he would have to prove his critics wrong. Yes, he would have to show those opposed to him taking up the role that he is no accident but made for this.

For now, just keep your eyes peeled for the new addition to the “Uzalo” cast.

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