Mixed Reactions As Mzansi Finds Out That Fabiani Is Local Brand, Not Italian

Fabiani as a brand has been doing quite well, but the narrative about the brand appears to be changing. Reason? The name sounds Italian and most people thought it was an Italian brand and patronized the brand based on that assumption.

But with the revelation that it’s a South African brand owned by Foschini, it appears like the interest in the brand is waning.

Expectedly, a debate is currently raging on Twitter, with some South African criticizing their compatriots for not wanting to support Fabiani after realizing it’s a South African and not Italian brand.

According to some social media users, Fabiani should even be applauded for making South African gentlemen think they’re wearing Italian – thanks in part to the name and the quality of their products.

While some people are disappointed that Fabiani is a local brand, and while some think the company might lose market share as a result, some analysts think the brand can take advantage of the current interest to take the brand farther into the of Mzansi, after all, it’s a maker of quality products.

By the way, Fabiani prides itself as a luxury fashion brand for stylish and distinctive men. Among Fabiani’s products are sneakers, T-shirts, and varieties of menswear.

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