Mixed Reactions As Nadia Nakai Launches Bragga World App

South African rapper Nadia Nakai has got a lot in store for her fans, only giving glimpses of the same to them now and then. Well, fans have just gotten the latest glimpse, if you please.

The songress recently shared that she has launched an app dubbed Bragga World, which offers exclusive access to some of her content and even never before see music videos. She gave a virtual tour of the app in a video shared by MDN News, which you can check out below.

Understandably, there was great interest in the app she just launched, with netizens sharing their thoughts on it. Many congratulated her on what they saw as an ambitious move on her part. Some felt it was a sign that her brand was not only strong but growing in strength as well.

Of course, some netizens weren’t too impressed with the move into an app of her own. They posited that it wouldn’t last because they don’t see people ditching Instagram just to check the “exclusive content” she shares on her app alone.

According to critics of the app, the late rapper AKA, who happened to be AKA’s boyfriend at the time of his death on February 10, as well as entrepreneur Bonang Matheba had tried similar stuff and failed.

Would Nadia be different?

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