Mixed Reactions As Paballo Noko Celebrates A New Porsche

Paballo Noko is currently facing pub;lic scruntiny after she shared pictures of herself flaunting an expensive new ride – a Porsche. She’s only 16, with no known source of income, so fans have been asking questions since.

In a post on her official Instrag page, where she is very active, she had shared slides of herself with a Porsche coupe. The last slide showed her at a dealership while her Porce was being unveiled. The slide before that showed her in what appears to be her apartment, taking a mirror selfie.

The three slides before those showed her sitting on the bonnet of her new ride, noticeably excited about the vehicle. In the caption to the post, she never stated directly that she has gotten a new cr but did that indireely in the following words: “Porsche Way😍😍,it’s the RCG way.”

The post has since been liked over 50k times, with her friend and fans celebrating her in the comment to the post. Some were unimpressed and questioned ho she was able to afford the car. You can check ut the post below.

Paballo Noko has been in the news for the wrong reasons multipletimes in the past, including for allegedly dating the disc jockey and producer Busta 929

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