Mixed Reactions As Shembe Is Left Out In King Misuzulu’s Coronation

It was a moment of triumph for the new Zulu king to be finally recognised by the South African government, with President Cyril Ramaphosa pledging his support. However, questions have been flying across South Africa about what really went down.

For starters, the Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba led the consecration of the new Zulu king. Many South Africans think this a total aberration since the Zulu traditional institution of which the new king is a symbol is rooted in traditional worship.

Given this root, South Africans are of the view that The Nazareth Baptist Church, also called the Shembe Church after its founder Isaiah Shembe, should have performed in that office and not the Anglican Church.

Founded in 1910, the Shembe Church is said to be the second-largest African-initiated church in the Rainbow Nation.

For those who were stunned by the use of the Anglican church and not a traditional one like the Shembe church, the founder would be writhing in his grave over that that “ghast error and insult to South African traditional institutions.”

The coronAtion has already been done. If this will be a precedent is what followers of the Zulu traditional institution and South Africans generally would have to find out.

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