Mixed Reactions As Uncle Waffles Celebrates GQ’s Woman Of The Year Award Win

The GQ magazine awards have come and gone, with winners and losers, and still prevailing sentiments on who won and who didn’t win. South African disc jockey and singer Uncle Waffles stands out as one of the winners.

The amapiano artist was crowned the Woman of the Year at the just-ended GQ Men of the Year South Africa awards. It was, of course, a big win for her and for her core fans, who were rooting for her all along. But there were also voices opposed to her being given the award.

Critics of the choice of her for the award felt that the award should have been given to a South African. If you are shocked by that, you may want to know that while the singer is currently in South Africa and doing well as part of the amapiano universe, she is Swazi-born.

As a result, some people do not see her as a proper South African. Can you beat that? Anyway, Uncle Waffles is chuffed to have been given the award. To be fair to her, she has worked pretty hard this year and deserves what she got. She acknowledged her win in a post on Instagram.

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