Mixed Reactions Trail Akon’s Call For African-Americans To Move To Africa

Is there a chance Africa could be the strongest nation on earth if African-Americans moved back to Africa? Senegalese American singer Akon thinks so. In fact, he has proposed that himself, leading to mixed reactions online.

Akon might have American citizenship, but he’s always shown deep interest in Africa and Africans. So his latest take might not come as a surprise to many out there.

Of course, he is not the first to propose this nor would he be the last. for decades now, opinions have always been expressed that African Americans should come back “home,” for their coming would lead to faster development of the continent (Africa).

But, of course, not everyone shares that opinion, nor would every African-American want to relocate given the chance. While some tweeps shared Akon’s verdict on Africa claiming a top spot in the world with African-Amercians returning back to the continent, some countered that it’s impossible.

And yet some noted that Africa’s problem lies within Africa and Africans, and that until corruption and other issues are addressed. the coming of African Americans to the continent would not change anything. You can check out the post below.

Well, to each his opinion. AKon has just shared his.

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