Mixed Reactions Trail Beatz’s $500 000 Gift To Alicia Keys

For some people, being in a position to gift their spouses expensive gifts is the ultimate triumph. But, of course, not everyone gets to experience that. American music producer Swizz Beatz is one of those in a position to do this, and he did that recently, buying his singer wife Alicia Keys the $500k Mercedes S680 Maybach.

The clip of the unveiling of the gift was shared online, leading tweeps to question the basis for such an expensive gift. It was even said that Alicia didn’t like the gift because she is not exactly the flashy type.

The Maybach in question is one of its kind and was designed by Virgil Abloh before his sudden death. Only a few people own the car around the world.

Deciding to buy the car was Swizz Beatz’s way of showing his wife that he actually loved her. It wasn’t exactly on her birthday, which, according to some tweeps, makes the gesture all the more special. You can check out the clip below.

While some tweeps have criticised the music producer for the expensive gift, Swizz Beatz is unbothered. He had done what he wanted to show his love for his spouse. And the world can say whatever.

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