Mixed Reactions Trail Big Zulu Flaunting Price Tag Of His Leather Jacket In Viral Video – Watch

It is almost traditional among some celebs to show off what they have and the cost. Big Zulu is an unapologetic subscriber to this, as he showed recently during the ust conclude Metro FM Music Awards.

The songster turned up in an expensive suit and made sure to retain the tag showing the price. But that was not all. On the ground, he had deliberately shown the price tag to the cameras to let everyone know that he bought the jacket at almost R15k. You can check out the clip below.

The video of Big Zulu flaunting his latest buy amused many South Africans, some of whom wondered why he should not only retain the tag but flaunt it before the cameras as well. But some couldn’t be bothered by his action.

Celebs retaining the tag of their clothes and walking into events with the tag uncut is actually nothing new in South Africa, it happens now and then. A common accusation from critics is that these celebs retain the tag because they had borrowed the clothing items and would return them after the event.

It is unclear whether that is the case with Big Zulu. But the Inkabi Records boss sure knows how to draw attention to himself.

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