Mixed Reactions Trail Bonga Sithole’s Plan To Return To Rehab (Video)

His life would make great fiction in the hands of a practised novelist, but no one has taken the trouble to fictionalise it just yet. Anyway, South African street dweller Bonga Sithole has captured attention again, with a clip of him resolving to return to rehab.

Sithole gained attention a while back for his command of language. Such was the internet in him that popular podcast host MacG asked his fans if he should get him on his Podcast and Chill. The verdict was mostly affirmative.

Anyway, Bonga is not in the best place mentally at this point. He recognised this issue himself and is resolving to head back to rehab. Maybe after some time, he should be in a better place to get on with his life. Just maybe.

Bonga was in rehab last year, but her reportedly discharged himself and walked out with someone. Since then, he has not been there.

In a clip currently making the rounds online, however, he could be seen stating that he plans to return to rehab on February 1. But some South Africans were unconvinced. Instead, they slammed him over his latest claims. You can check out the clip below.

It remains to be seen what happens in the coming days.

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