Mixed Reactions Trail Clip Of Kabza De Small Assessing Clothing Of His Associate

South African disc jockey and record producer Kabza De Small got his compatriots talking after a video of him checking an associate’s clothing popped online.

The clip has divided South Africans, with many sharing their thoughts on what they believe was happening in the video. According to some, the “Condom” crooner might have discovered that the said associate was wearing a fake designer and therefore rolled his eyes in disapproval.

Some pointed out that it was actually hard to say what happened because it looked like a party scene where everyone was drinking and generally being goofy. Anything could have transpired there and no one could tell what exactly it was.

Some tweeps insist that there was nothing really serious about that clip because there are friends out there who could simply point to your clothes when they realise you have got something new. It isn’t that deep.

We can’t say for sure what exactly was going on in the video either, But we brought the video to you, So you can check it out below and determine for yourself.

While fans appear to have a storm of opinions over that moment, Kabza De Small has said nothing about it so far. And it is doubtful he would say anything.

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