Mixed Reactions Trail Cover Art Of Imminent Joint Project by Rebuke Jub Jub & Emtee

South African rappers Jub Jub and Emtee have a joint project coming, and they have just given fans an idea of what is on the way by sharing the cover art of the imminent work.

The artwork is a hash of half of Jub Jub’s face and half of Emtee, It has a military camouflage as background. With a title such as “Soldier On,” it becomes apparent that much thought went into the design. The military camouflage accentuates the title of the project itself.

The cover art was of particular interest to most tweeps and they questioned the reason behind the choice, with some describing it as scary. You can check out the image and the responses to it below.

It’s unclear what the content of the imminent project would be. But, chances are, it would cover aspects of the lives of the two musicians, who have faced adversity in their relationships and in other areas of their lives.

The project will be out later this month. There is no specific date for release yet. At any rate, we are following events keenly and will bring you more details as they drop. So, just tag along by following our social media channels.

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