Mixed Reactions Trail Diddy Dancing & Smoking Outside Miami Mansion Amid Feds Investigation

From the look of things, American rapper Diddy could not be bothered about the recent invasion of his home and the fact that he is under investigation by the authorities over sex trafficking and other issues.

What other way to show this than by having a good time at one of his mansions even while investigations into his activities continue? Well, in a clip currently making the rounds online, the disgraced rapper could be seen dancing and smoking like nothing has happened.

The clip elicited mixed reactions from netizens. Some were impressed that he was carefree and unworried by the recent events that thrust his name and image into headlines globally.

Some thought the dancing and drinking were merely a facade to cover his anxiety and agony over the investigation into his activities.

The only person who truly knows what’s going on, though, is probably Diddy himself, and he isn’t speaking directly about that yet.

Following the raid on his mansions by Homeland Security, he’d issued a statement through his lawyers condemning the action. Beyond that, he’d also hurriedly sold his stake in Revolt TV, leading to speculations on the reason for the sale to a mysterious entity.

The world might speculate, but Diddy doesn’t care. Lol

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