Mixed Reactions Trail DJ Warras’s Gesture Toward Unemployed Man

Ordinarily, a man gifting another something is not what would provoke drama anywhere, but South African disc jockey and producer DJ Warras faced severe flak recently after he shared about how he gifted an unemployed man a pair of shoes.

In a recent tweet, the DJ had noted that the young man is on the streets and cleans the windshields of vehicles. He described him as super friendly. But he asked the DJ what he couldn’t offer: a job or any money. but then Warras realized he had a pair of Air Jordans in the car and decided to gift it to the man.

He shared the image of the unemployed man holding the pair of shoes. He also reflected on the price of the item in brick-and-mortar stores, noting if only the jobless man could make the shoes new again and sell them for their retail value – about R24k.

His post upset some South Africans who felt that he was degrading the man by sharing a picture of him displaying the shoe gift. Some tweeps wondered why he had to share the man’s picture even though he could have done without it. You can check out the pic below.

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