Mixed Reactions Trail Kamo Mphela’s New Dance Moves – Watch

One reality of life is that it is not all the time that you will succeed in impressing people. One minute, you might charm them so much with your skills and another minute you leave them unmoved.

This reality manifests all around us almost all the time. Well, we have a new example in South African musician Lamo Mphela. if you are a fan of the singer or happen to know her a beat, you probably also know that she is a good dancer as well.

Not just that; people also know her to be a good dancer and have commended her for her dancing skills many times in the past. But it so happens that her latest video failed to impress a lot of people and they made fun of it and the singer herself.

The said clip of her was shared by the gossip page MDN News, which used fire emojis to indicate how awesome her dance moves were. Only, from the reactions so far, it was clear a lot of people weren’t “feeling” Kamo.

Someone even encouraged her to go back to “school” to spruce up her dancing skills. See the post below.

By the way, at the time of writing, she’d said nothing about those who criticised her video.

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