Mixed Reactions Trail Lady Zamar’s Announcement Of Her Merch – The Sjava Conection

South African singer Lady Zamar is experiencing some savage moments after some of her critics made it clear that they would not be buying her merch.

The songstress had taken to her official Facebook page to announce that she now has merchandise in store. She shared merch samples for fans to get an idea of what she had created. Some of the samples showed pictures of her while some showed the cover art of one of her projects: Butterfly.

The caption to her post indicated she was more than excited to finally create something for her fans to experience. You can check out the post below.

The comment section was a mixed bag, though. While some fans expressed excitement about her merch, some said they were expecting something like perfume and not clothing. And yet others couldn’t be bothered about what she had launched.

As far as this class of people are concerned, they will not buy her merch after she “falsely” accused fellow musician 1020 cartel boss, Sjava, her former boyfriend, of sexual abuse. Actually, she made that allegation years ago and it almost ruined Sjava’s career at the time. And it has refused to go away, like an implacable ghost.

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