Mixed Reactions Trail Ntobeko Sishi’s New Look

it is often said that change is constant and people should anticipate it one way or the other. Beyond that, people are also watching. And when you happen to be a celeb, chances are you can to escape the public’s attention and possible criticism.

On this account, the recent reaction to South African actor Ntobeko’s Shishi’s new look should in no way surprise anyone. Nyt it certainly had Mzansi talking.

In a recent post, the gossip blogger Maphepha Ndaba shared pictures of the actor, seemingly comparing pictures taken at different times of the actor. It left a few descriptive words in the caption.

The photos showed that the actor is way more in shape than he used to ben – bigger arms, bigger chest and all, a departure from his previous frame. he also rocked a pair of trousers that some people would say belonged to a woman’s waist. Lol. You can check out the post be;low and see things for yourself.

Shishi is one of the young faces in South African film industry. He has acted un several flicks so far in his career. However, for many people, he is most famous for his role in “Gomora,” one of the longest-running South African soapies.

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