Mixed Reactions Trail Rasta’s Painting Of Queen Elizabeth II

Rasta is a t it again. The South African artist has just released a painting of the late British queen, Elizabeth II – fulfilling a tradition he has maintained for years.

Rasta is known for always painting famous figures from South Africa to elsewhere when they die. So it isn’t surprising that he should paint the late queen. His paintings are never subjects of public adulation, however.

In fact, many South Africans think his paintings are nothing more than caricatures, while others advise him to stop painting because, according to them, he’s incompetent. But, of course, Rasta has never listened to anyone. And it’s doubtful he will ever listen to anyone.

His latest painting, of Queen Elizabeth II, has got South Africans talking as well. They are unimpressed and have, therefore, been throwing mordant darts at Rasta. However, some South Africans looked beyond the painting and commended him for delivering a drawing on time.

One particularly impressed fan said Rasta drew a picture within ten minutes of the announcement of the queen’s death. Another asked peeps to join him to raise funds to help Rasta personally hand over the drawing to the royal family. You can check out some of the reactions below.

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