Mixed Reactions Trail Rasta’s Portrait Of The Late Actor Mr Ibu

His favourite hobby is painting the dead famous figures. Usually, he hurries to paint them as soon as he gets wind of their deaths. people from South Africa, the United Kingdom, and most recently Nigeria, have got to see rasta in action.

Rasta’s latest painting is that of the Nigerian actor Paschal Okafor, long famous by the name Mr Ibu. The Nigerian passed away recently after battling diabetes and other complications which led to him having an amputation.

It was sad to his fans when one of his legs had to be cut off to save his life. It was even sadder when he passed away from his illness.

Well, Rasta was in his painting spirit again, quickly coming up with a painting of the late Nigerian.  In a post on his official Instagram page, he’d shared his painting of the late Nollywood actor, paying tribute to him in the caption.

As far as Rasta is concerned, the movie industry will not be the same again after Mr Inu’s death. You can check out the post below.

Interestingly, as has been the case with almost all his paintings, he failed to impress his compatriots, some of whom mocked him for lack of creativity.

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