Mlindo The Vocalist May Have Been Drugged, Not Drunk

Reports reveal that Mlindo The Vocalist may have been drugged not drunk after viral video of him trended online.

You don’t always see Mzansi musician, Mlindo The Vocalist in the news for the wrong reasons. However, a recent viral video of him had everyone shocked. The “Amablesser” singer appeared drunk while performing on stage over the weekend.

In the video, Mlindo looks so intoxicated that he fell and had to be carried off. Later on, he posted an apology to his page and “took responsibility for his actions”. In another post, he shared a screenshot of an article published by Daily Sun where his manager reveals that he was drugged and not drunk.

In the article, Nyiko reveals that he wouldn’t have let Mlindo go out on stage if he was drunk. However, he claims that Mlindo was so excited that he took a drink which may have been spiked from a fan.

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