Mlindo The Vocalist To Help With Students Registration Fees

Mlindo The Vocalist to help pay students' registration fees

set to help students pay their school registration fees.

For the artistes, a lot of times, it isn’t just about the music. That’s why many artistes venture into certain activities to help the society because they are in better positions to.

The latest artiste to lend a helping hand (or planning to) to the people is Mlindo The Vocalist. The talented singer has revealed one of his plans for the year, and it involves helping students pay their school registration fees.

In a most recent post shared on Twitter, the singer revealed that he has been receiving DMs from students from various schools asking for help to pay off their fees. Fortunately, he is willing to help. According to him, he and his team are planning to assist “at least a few”. Details on it will be revealed by the singer soon.

Check out the tweet below.

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