#MnakwethuHappilyEverAfter: MaMhlongo Plays Own Game as Dulas Pays Lobola Someone Else – MaCele no Better

The latest episode of Mnakwethu Happily Ever After has some viewers insisting that men will be men and will not change. Most women will reinforce this attitude among men by not walking away when they’re disrespected in their relationships.

One of the actors who has captured viewers’ attention from the outset is Dulas. Some viewers think he uses muthi or local charms to entrap women, and he only has to look at them with the intent to have them.

However, one of his women, MaMhlongo, appears to be getting out of his grip. In the last episode, after it became apparent that Dulas had paid lobola for a new wife (MaShozi), MaMhlongo played a card that some viewers thought was humiliating to Dulas.

If Dulas could take another wife, MaMhlongo rationalized she could take another man as well. She announced to Dulas that she has a boyfriend, introducing polyandry into the narrative.

Dulas had probably not seen it coming, and he pretended like he’d leave MaMhlongo. But it became apparent soon enough that he had no plans to leave her.

MaCele’s case is no different. She’s facing her own polygamous storm but hasn’t followed the path of MaMhlongo in getting a boyfriend.

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