Mnike Dance Challenge: Katlegoe Maboe Provokes December Energy With New Clip – Watch

The days of terror, when he was accused of rape, abuse and other crimes are certainly over as he was cleared, and now Katlego is out there a happy man living his best life and unbothered about anything about his ex-wife, who had made the allegations against him.

Well, the celebrated media personality and actor has just gotten his compatriots into December spirit by doing what he calls the “Mnike” dance challenge. And yes. South Africans are all for it.

In a post on his official Twitter page, he had shared a clip of him doing the challenge and wondered what the amapiano musician, who created the song he was dancing to, put into it to make it create a December vibe.

Mnike is a song by Tyler ICU, featuring some other musicians. It seems to be a hit with some SPOuth Africans. And with the interest that Maboe has generated with his dance challenge, maybe the interest in the number just might skyrocket. You can check out the clip below.

It is the weekend and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to join Katlego Maboe in the dance challenge. Or would it? Go ahead and join Katlego Maboe for an amapiano break.

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