Mohale Motaung Releases An Official Statement Revealing They Are In The Process Of Divorce

Mohale Motaung releases an official statement revealing that he and estranged husband, Somizi are currently on the process of a divorce.

We still can’t get over the news of Idols SA star, Somizi and Mohale Motaung’s marriage troubles. Since the revelation was made by Mohale, Mzansi has been torn and trying to figure out what’s truly going on.

This has led Mohale to release an official statement via his social media pages. In the statement, he revealed that he and his ‘estranged” husband, Somizi are currently in the process of a divorce. He went on to state that it wasn’t his intention share intimate details of his marriage or to ruin Somizi’s reputation.

However, according to him, recentl developments have caused him to speak out. Also in the statement, he revealed things that have happened since he came through with the truth about his marriage. He also maintained that he was abused by his estranged husband.

Statement by Mohale MotaungIn response to the news circulating pertaining to the material details about issues within my marriage as well as the recent statement by my estranged husband, I wish to confirm that we are indeed in the process of a divorce.

I wish to make it clear that it has never been my intention to have the private details of my marriage exposed in the public nor will it ever be my intention to cause disrepute to his image. While I have maintained my silence in the hopes of an amicable dissolution of our marriage, recent developments compel me to make the following assertions.

  1. The conversations heard in the audio were privileged as they were with one of the producers of Living The Dream With Somizi. I trusted the person with whom I was engaging and did not divulge such details for any material gain. In these conversations I was laying case to reason why I would not want the details of our divorce to be used in the upcoming season of the reality show as this would not reflect the complete truth and furthermore, did not want the details thereof to be used for financial gain.
  2. Myself and the person in question had a personal relationship that was been built over years and I felt secure relaying my experience to him having been assured that it was privileged. I never imagined that my turmoil would be exploited in this manner. Since the release of the conversations I find myself stripped of my agency and the right I had previously reserved to tell my story, when I was ready.
  3. I did in fact experience abuse at the hands of my estranged husband both physical and psychological. It is not my wish to seesaw my experience against his as he only has his conscience to reckon with.

I have been blessed to have the support of family and friends and more especially from members of the public while I go through this trying time in my life.

To this end, I reserve my right to privacy and not comment further beyond the clarity provided herein.

I wish to quietly conclude the dissolution of my marriage which is now being handled legally and further reserve my right to comment. My focus right now is on my livelihood.

Fondly Mohale

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