Mohale Motaung Trolled Over Eating Disorder

Since broke up with Somizi, he’s been an object of baiting on social media by trolls. Whatever he posts, the trolls will pop in there to drag him over it, bringing Somizi in the mix.

It has gotten so bad that his sister had to intervene at some point, denouncings the trolls to hell and insisting her brother never married Somizi for his money.

Well, the trolls are at it again. In a recent tweet, had shared a clip of chips, noting in the caption that he was “stress eating.”

Some trolls mocked him, claiming he was missing the soft life he was used to when he was married to Somizi. See below

and Somizi used to be in the ideal couple – in the eyes of the public, anyway – going everywhere together and having a good time. The relationship began to develop cracks along the way.

But the crisis blew up after an audio in which claimed Somizi abused him was leaked. The controversy the tape generated caused Somizi to lose his job as one of the judges on the reality show Idols SA. He’s since been reinstated, however.  Interestingly, the two judges left after his exit have exited on his return.

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