Mohale Talks Random Acts Of Kindness But Black Twitter Has Other Ideas

Mzansi actor and media personality is in the news again. His name has continued to bubble on the lip of trolls following his controversial breakup with his ex-wife Mhlongo.

This time, though, the narrative isn’t exactly about what happened or didn’t happen in his relationship with the Idols SA judge.

had asked a question about kindness – if people have experienced a random act of kindness from a stranger, and what it was. Trust Mzansi to start reeling out experiences in no time.

One tweeter commented about having lost her school fees as a child. But a random kid at the playground found the money and sent it to the school authorities. To this day, as a result, according to the tweeter, she’s honest with money that isn’t hers.

It was inevitable that black Twitter should emerge from the dark and siring shots at again. It’s said that his divorce from Somizi might be going to trial at the Johannesburg High Court.

Peeps from black Twitter’s universe are accusing of being rapacious and angling to separate the choreographer from his money. Some thoughts are below.

Until their breakup, Somizi and were among some of South Africa’s favorite gay couples.

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