Moja Chicken To Sponsor Mac G’s Podcast And Chill

Moja Chicken announced as a new sponsor of Mac G’s Podcast And Chill.

Mzansi now knows that Mac G’s Podcast And Chill has come to stay. A lot of times when people think the show would somehow end because of the criticism it has gotten over time, it always bounces back.

Since last year, the show has lost a few sponsors who did not approve of its content. Still, its creators have refused to succumb to expectation. In a recently made announcement on Sunday, January 23, Moja Chicken revealed that they “are officially one of the sponsors for the Monday episodes of Podcast And Chill”.

Fans of the show have praised them for the decision. The controversial show has continued to grow their listeners over time. Mac G also recently trended for querying American star, about her sex life in an interview. This led to the singer announcing that she won’t be doing any more interviews.

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