Moja Love Issues Statement Distancing Itself From Jub Jub As Looting Continues

With the looting and unrest that followed Jacob Zuma turning himself in to serve a 15-month jail term for contempt of court, Jub Jub, one of the presenters at Moja Love, had taken a stand, denouncing those who had described the looters as hooligans.

In an Instagram Live video the “Ndikokhele (Remake)” hitmaker had stated that while he does not condone looting, the looting that’s currently ongoing in South Africa is the result of bad leadership.

He described the people as having been misled and lied to for years. He wondered why people, because they’re more comfortable, should describe fellow blacks (the looters) as hooligans.

Jub Jub’s verdict on the protest has been hailed by Jacob Zuma;s daughter Duduzile, who encouraged the people to go ahead and steal.

While Jub Jub has got the support of the ex-president’s daughter, Moja Love, threatened with same looting and burning fate that had been unleashed on businesses across South Africa, issued a statement distancing itself from Jub Jub’s statements regarding the unrest.

In the statement, it insisted that Jub Jub’s utterancs regarding the looting and burning are entirely his own and do not represent the position of Moja Love, where he works. The statement also expressed the station’s sympathy to those whose businesses were destroyed in the anarchy.

13 July 2021

Press statement: Moja Channels distance themselves from Jub-Jub’s social media videos about ongoing protests

As Moja Channels, Moja LOVE (DStv 157) and Moja 9.9 (DSty 158), we would like to distance ourselves from the social media videos circulating of Molerno “Jub _tub” Maarohanye expressing his views about the ongoing protests. The views expressed on the videos or any of his platforms are his personal views and do not reflect the company values and views of the channels in any way.

The socio-economic situation of the country is a stark reality we empathize with, but we do not condone violence in addressing the matter. We call on South Africans to stand together to denounce the looting, violence and lawlessness that has gripped the country.

We extend our sympathies and support to the many small black businesses, entrepreneurs, and informal traders who form the lifeblood of the township and CBD economy and acknowledge the irreparable harm that these attacks will cause to livelihoods, families and affected communities. ENDS

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