Moja Love Presenter Gogo Mathambo Passes On

Moja Love Presenter Gogo Mathambo, known for his work on the show “Fake Gobela,” has passed on.

While we have celebrated many wins this year, we have also mourned. Mzansi is currently mourning the passing of Moja Love presenter Gogo Mathambo, who died after battling a sickness.

News of the “Fake Gobela” presenter’s death has sent shock waves across the country. His passing was also confirmed by the popular channel on social media. They shared a statement that read,

“His death comes as a huge loss to the channel as he was talented and passionate about making a difference in the community. Gogo Mathambo displayed a courageous spirit in exposing fake Sangomas and gobelas and the injustices in that space. The channel sends its deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans. His contributions will be hugely missed.”

Fans and admirers of the former TV host have taken to the X app to share their condolences and pay tribute to him. One user wrote, “Deepest condolences to the MojaLove team, friends, and family of Gogo Mathambo. May they find peace and comfort during this difficult time.”

Another wrote, “Mojalove is cursed… Gogo Mathambo, Xolani and Jub Jub….” One user reacted, “I remember seeing an episode where some Sotho ladies were complaining about their gobela who sometimes turns into a lion, Gogo mathambo went on to confront that gobela, thats wen i knew that his putting his life in danger. RIP Gogo Mathambo #fake gobela”

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