Moja Love Responds To Lance Stehr’s Threat To Sue Over ‘finding Bongani’ Episode

Moja Love responds to Muthaland label owner, Lance Stehr’s threat to sue them and Bongani over the recent episode of “Finding Bongani”.

A recently aired episode of “Finding Bongani” has got everyone in Mzansi talking, and Lance Stehr isn’t happy about it. In it, the show’s star, Bongani Fassie alleged that the Muthaland Entertainment label owner gave him drugs.

He has since stated that he will be taking legal action against Bongani and of course, Moja Love for airing the episode. In a statement responding to the threat, the channel has revealed that they’re not phased by the threat.

They also stated that they were shocked by it because they gave Lance the opportunity to view the episode before it aired. According to them, “he never came back to the channel with any concerns until it was aired”. The channel also called the episode “objective” and said that “it covers his side of the story” and Bongani’s “in a fair and balanced manner”.

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