Moment of Horror: Bongani Fassie Bloodied In Rare Panga Attack

“I could have died,” was the verdict of South African musician and filmmaker Bongani Fassie following a panga attack recently. The songster had shared a clip of the attack, – bloodied face, arms and all – which had many saying that he was indeed lucky.

He was attacked by an unknown, machete-wielding man in Randburg over the weekend. According to reports, while attacking him, his assailants kept bawling that Bongani, who happens to be the only child of the late iconic singer Brenda Fassie, was the one who deserved to die and not AKA.

Bongani, for his part, continued to fight despite his injuries. At the end of the day, he was fortunate not to have lost his life in the attack. And for this, he is grateful.

When news of the attack broke following the release of pictures of the encounter, many South African celebs rallied around Bongani, and so did his fans. They not only wished him a quick recovery but expressed the hope that his attacker would be found and sent to the slammer where he belongs.

An investigation is reportedly ongoing. Whether anything would come out of it is unclear at the moment. We might bring you updates, though. So tag along.

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