Moment Of Truth As Bonang Shares Her Least Favourite Thing

South African entrepreneur and socialite Bonang appears to be suffering from social media fatigue and no longer derives joy from posting on social media platforms. She made this known herself.

Of course, social media is the cool thing these days – platforms where people can express themselves the way they see fit and share about themselves, their lives, everything.

But now and then, people get exhausted from using the platform or lust lose interest entirely, so they ditch it and get back to focusing on other things, including face-to-face interactions.

But what really changed in Bonang’s case? It is unclear, as she didn’t dwell on that. She merely tweeted that these are strange times for her as posting on social media is the least of her favourite things. It probably wasn’t earlier, or she wouldn’t have used the phrase “strange times” to end her tweet, which you can check out below.

Her latest take on social media posting would likely strike some of her fans as strange because she actually posts often and many see them as expressions of her style – to be out there doing things and letting the world know. Well, it will be interesting to see how long posting would be her least favourite thing.

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