“Money” By Angie Santana Ft. Indigo Stella Drops This Friday

It’s been a long wait for “Money” but it looks like we are going to be rich, after all, as and indigo Stella have decided to release it this Friday 31 July. Hey, peeps, we’re gonna be rich!

Oh, well, not rich in rand or dollar but rich in good vibes. “Money” is only a song, the pair’s latest collaborative project. This Friday fans will determine whether the wait for the song was worth it. Well, a month before, speculations of the pair collaborating on a song had popped online.

In the intervening months, it has moved from speculation to fact, leaving fans intensely expectant. Now, based on a tweet on Sunday 26 2020, the song will be out finally on several streaming platforms 31 July.

Based on the responses to the tweet, it is clear fans are excited for what is to come. So are we, by the way. We will be sharing the song right here on release. Just watch out, people.

Are you ready for what is to come? Well, we can’t wait to bring you the full song when it drops on Friday. For now you might want to subscribe to our newsfeed and stay tuned for updates.