Money Heist’s Miguel Herran Loses House to Fire

Money Heist actor Miguel Herran had a tragic experience last week Friday as his home burned rob the ground, leaving him emotional with grief.

Agitated after the fire broke out, he had posted clips about the engulfing inferno and screamed about how he couldn’t believe this was happening to him. 

In even more recordings posted to his Instagram Stories, he showed how fire ravaged the place and how the site looked after. Books, furniture and objects of sentimental value could be seen strewn about.

The reactions to his post indicate that fans were just as grieved he should lose his home to a fire. They sympathised with him and wished him a quick recovery from his losses.

It cannot be determined what caused the fire, and the actor himself has not said anything about what might have caused it. However, some of the actor’s fans suggest that the fire might have started in the boiler room.

By the way, Money Heist, of which Herran is a cast member, is one of the most famous crime thrillers out there. Some fans have compared it to Prison Break, but Prison Break fans think the comparison is a sacrilege. According to them, the whole season of Money Heist does not equal one season of Prison Break. 

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