Mo’Nique Reignites Oprah Feud

American comedienne Mo’Nique shocks fans during her recent stand-up where she reignited her feud with Oprah Winfrey.

Here’s some advice, in all you do, never make Mo’Nique come for you. She will not hold back if she does, and she will drag you till kingdom come. The comedy star recently had word for billionaire media veteran, CEO and filmmaker Oprah Winfrey.

She told the audience,

“I love that black raggedy b***h,” and was followed by a chant of “f**k Oprah Winfrey.” Then, she continued, after an audience member admitted to being a fan of Winfrey,

“OK, well I’m not apologising for a mother***ng thing I say.”

Everyone knows Mo’Nique never apologizes when she says something about someone. She further shocked the audience when she encouraged an audience member named Melvin to pursue a physical relationship with Oprah.

According to her, it might be the best means to “bring her back to black.” Then, she took shots at Oprah friendship with Gayle King.

“Every time you see f***ing Oprah, you see f**ing Gayle.” She questioned the nature of their relationship. You’d think she would back down, but she revealed that she wasn’t scared of the billionaire.

“I’m too mother******g old to be scared of this b***h.”

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