Moonchild Outs Scammers Using Her Name To Make A Quick Cash

Moonchild reveals scammers are using her name to make quick cash

Moonchild Sanelly outs scammers who are using her name to make quick cash amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

It almost feels like every week, we hear of a celebrity becoming a victim of a scam here in Mzansi. Moonchild Sanelly recently revealed that scammers are using her name to make money off other artists amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to her, the scammers had collected money from a few artists promising them a feature from her because of the Coronavirus. She revealed that a few of them had contacted her after, not knowing she had already made her deal on whom to feature.

Sanelly also adviced everyone looking to book her to use the details on her social media profiles. She also revealed that these are hard times for artists saying she has survived through her other talents. The Mzansi singer makes her own clothes, and has recently launched her own face masks, Moon Masks which have been in high demand.

Let me tell you! If you want me, use the details on my profile of whatever platform! This week I got five n***** telling me about a feature and had five different prices because people wanna make money because of corona [using] my name!

I laugh because by the time they spoke to me, I’d already made my deal.

Sanelly wrote on Twitter.


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