Moonchild Sanelly Announces OnlyFans Account, Filling Mzansi With Mixed Reactions

has announced starting an OnlyFans as promised.

The singer has been talking about setting up an account on the platform for a while. Yesterday, February 14th, she went on her page to break the news about finally starting an OnlyFans account.

“Ok ok finally starting an only fans,” she wrote.

Her fans on have since expressed their emotions about the news. Some showed some excitement, while with a few others, the announcement did not sit so well. The singer made mention of setting up an account with the platform during her time with Mac G on his podcast “Podcast and Chill”, where she revealed that herself and fiancée have parted ways after two long years of dating.

“The last time I was here, I had just gotten into a relationship with my girlfriend. Now I just got out of a relationship with my girlfriend,” she said.

“I never send nud*s, whatever I send you I’ve already shared with everyone on social media so that you don’t have power over me,” Sanelly added.

She also posted a steamy video on her Instagram account, telling her followers on the app to enjoy the video as it would be the last one she would be uploading there.

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