Moonchild Sanelly Floods The Net With #thunderthighschallenge As Response To Askies Ban

Moonchild responds to Askies ban by flooding the internet with #thunderthigschallenge

Sanelly responds to Askies ban by the internet with #ThunderThighsChallenge.

Sanelly has never been known to give up without a fight. The very Controversy singer has faced a lot of criticism for her explicit lyrics and sexualized personality. It still hasn’t deterred her from doing what she loves and being who she is.

Last week, a ban was placed by South African radio stations on her song, Askies. This was on grounds of it being too explicit. But, Sanelly wasn’t having it. She took to social media to call them out for letting men objectify women and not allowing women to celebrate their bodies.

Of course, it didn’t end there. The “My Power” star followed it up with a new challenge “ThunderThighsChallenge which features women showing off their thighs. She also revealed plans to make a video for women who have been told to be ashamed of their bodies.

Here are some of our favorites compiled below:

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